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Table of Contents

Parts List

Parts list of the left arm is enumerated below. (Also you could use the parts to build the right arm.)

Name Q'ty
servo_assem_type1.stl 1
servo_horn.stl 1
servo_bracket_elbow_1.stl 1
servo_bracket_elbow_2.stl 1
hand.stl 1
Servo Motor (Length C) 1
Servo Motor (Length D) 1

Assembling Process

Parts List

Upper Arm

Attention!: Please fit the conducting wire through inside a groove on servo_assem_type1.stl.


Attention!: If you assemble plastic cast parts, this step has already been completed.


Merge Parts

Attention!: Before to merge the parts, you should connect servos' cables and the control-board. When it was completed, please turn on both switches and keep the status.

Attention!: Please connect the white wire which is owned by a servo to inside of the control-board.

Attention!: Attach a servo-horn to length D servo. At that time, please check it is placed approximately parallel to edge of the servo.

Finished Arm


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