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====== Firmware Installation ====== ===== Table of Contents ===== - [[firmware]] **Current section** - [[battery]] - [[arm]] - [[leg]] - [[head]] - [[body]] - [[merge]] - [[cover]] - [[tune]] Next > [[battery]] ---- ===== Preliminary Arrangements ===== To write PLEN2's firmware requires [[|Arduino IDE]] (created by ****) **ver.1.6.0 or above**. Please download and install it before to do continued steps. ==== How to Download the Arduino IDE ==== Access the Arduino IDE download page, and then choose your environment. {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:00_choose_f.png?direct}} Click **"JUST DOWNLOAD"** button. (You do not need to select donation menu.) {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:00_download_f.png?direct}} ===== Installation Process ===== Download [[|"PLEN2"]] repository. {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:01_download_f.png?direct}} Open "firmware.ino" (This is placed "/arduino/firmware/" directory) with Arduino IDE. {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:02_open_f.png?direct}} Choose target board as "Arduino/Genuino Micro". {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:03_choose_f.png?direct}} Take proper serial port to communicate your base-board. **(Port name is different in each environments.)** {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:04_take_f.png?direct}} Click upload button. {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:05_upload_f.png?direct}} ===== Tips ===== If you want to install the firmware to PLEN1.4 or PLEN2 developer edition, you need to edit a few of codes in reference to following topics. Before to do process below, please open *[[|BuildConfig.h]]*. {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:02.5_select_f.png?direct}} ==== How to Apply the Firmware to PLEN1.4 ==== Applying the firmware to PLEN1.4, the firmware should be edited about [[|line 21]] and [[|line 30]]. {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:02.5_edit_f.png?direct}} ==== How to Apply the Firmware to Developer Edition ==== Applying the firmware to PLEN2 developer edition, the firmware should be edited about [[|line 38]]. {{:tutorials:plen2:firmware:02.5_edit_developer_f.png?direct}} ---- Next > [[battery]]

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