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====== Menu ====== ===== Introductions ===== * [[concept]] * [[about]] * [[laws]] * [[license]] ===== Documents ===== * [[tutorials/index.html]] * [[specifications/index.html]] * [[api_guides/index.html]] * [[faq/index.html]] * [[|Resources on the GitHub]] ===== Social Accounts ===== * [[|Facebook Page]] * [[|Twitter]] * [[|Instagram]] * [[|Youtube Channel]] ===== Etc ===== * [[sitepolicy]] * [[editing]] * [[|Syntax]]


~~NOTOC~~ ====== Top ====== ===== Welcome to the "PLEN Playground - Wiki" ! ====== This wiki is sharing PLEN's documents. If you have any ideas, it would be great if you could share it. Thank you for your cooperation ;) (Please register our forum if you want to edit the wiki.) [[|Register now!]] ===== How to Find a Document You Need ===== ==== Tutorials ==== This category has information for beginners such as assembling manuals, software instructions, and so on. ==== Specifications ==== This category has information for developers such as printing guides, protocol definition, and so on. ==== API Guides ==== This category has technical information that is focused on each application. ==== FAQ ==== This category has frequently asked questions on the [[|official forum]]. ==== Resources on the GitHub ==== The anchor links the [[|official GitHub account.]] (The GitHub account, **'plenproject'**, is not official. If you have been watching the account, please change your watching target.) ===== Prescribed Format ===== You could write documents using **Markdown syntax** with tags that are surrounding the syntax. <code> <markdown> Any markdown syntax here... </markdown> </code> In some ways, default wiki syntax is better than Markdown syntax, so please choose those properly. (For example, wiki engine doesn't insert edit-buttons automatically if you wrote a document with Markdown syntax.) ==== References ==== * [[|Default wiki syntax]] * [[|Markdown cheatsheet]]

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