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 Next > [[battery]] Next > [[battery]]
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-===== Before You Install the Firmware ===== 
-If you bought excepting loose selling control board, the firmware was already installed. 
-You can skip this step and do the next step. 
 ===== Preliminary Arrangements ===== ===== Preliminary Arrangements =====
-To write PLEN2'​s firmware requires Arduino IDE **ver.1.6.0 or later**.+To write PLEN2'​s firmware requires ​[[https://​​en/​Main/​Software|Arduino IDE]] (created by ****) ​**ver.1.6.0 or above**.
 Please download and install it before to do continued steps. Please download and install it before to do continued steps.
 +==== How to Download the Arduino IDE ====
 +Access the Arduino IDE download page, and then choose your environment.
 +Click **"​JUST DOWNLOAD"​** button. (You do not need to select donation menu.)
 ===== Installation Process ===== ===== Installation Process =====
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