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Customization hint for PLEN2 compatible servos to use

Hi, PLEN users!

I recieved an inquiry that how do he/she need to edit the firmware with unofficial servos.
I share you with the customization hint.

When I configure the firmware for any servo, I use the following sketch to research the PWM settings.
Please write researched PWM's range in JointController.h :)
-> https://github.com/plenproject/plen__fi … hecker.ino

If you would like to get more details, please check below.
-> http://plen.jp/playground/wiki/specific … _reference
-> https://github.com/plenproject/plen__fi … #L505-L520

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Re: Customization hint for PLEN2 compatible servos to use

Anybody can confirm that Emax ES08MD/ES08MD II are compatible the the servo brackets and servo horns .stl files?


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Re: Customization hint for PLEN2 compatible servos to use

I use ES08MD.
Certain parts. Stl print in 3d are fragile.
It is necessary to rectify certain parts the servo having difficulty to enter its support.
The connections between the servo and its support deteriorate very rapidly. I modified the parts using the

If I understood correctly it is necessary to look for the position of the servo 0, 180 ° and rectify the pwm.

By cons all links you indicate its in 'page not found
Error 404 '
Thank you for your reply


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