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#1 2016-11-18 14:39:37

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Plen bluetooth connection

Hi, I try to connect my plen.

The USB connection work well and I can use ControlServer, PlenUtilities etc.

But I cannot connect via bluetooth my android device or my bluetooth enabled windows PC.

How I can debug where is the bluetooth problem ?

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#2 2016-11-19 11:28:49

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Re: Plen bluetooth connection

The eyes of my PLEN never flash, the connection cable between
head board  and control board is in place, and when I
press the reset button on head board, the control board
do something, beacouse a gren light on control board blink
for some second.

I think someting goes wrong on my PLEN head board...
how I can test the head board ?


#3 2016-12-02 09:41:42

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Re: Plen bluetooth connection

Hi gfrisoni,

Unfortunately, anyone hard to control PLEN2 via bluetooth enabled windows PC because native API has some bugs.

Also, many android devices have buggy API and buggy bluetooth device.
I recommend to try following answers:
- Turn off both switches of PLEN.
- Turn off Bluetooth function on your device.
- Shut down all applications' task which can connect PLEN series robots. (s.a. PLEN Connect, Scenography, and so on.)
   (If you can see the applications's task then tap square like button that places bottom of the device, you need to swipe them to horizontal direction to shut down completely.)
- Turn on both switches of PLEN.
- Turn on Bluetooth function on your device.
- Start up any application to connect PLEN series robots.

Just for reference, the topic could be useful for you ;)


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