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PLEN movements and servo problems

Hi All

I am using PLEN and I have the following problems:

1- The order of the servo motors does not match those in PLENUtils (Control Server V2.4 for Windows)
2- I can not set the HOME position of the servos.
3- When I try to execute the stored movements via motion-editor or serial port do not respond as expected. They move with inverted angles, or erratically.

Here are the steps I followed:

1- Position Firmware 1.4.1 on the board
2- I connect all the servos in the order indicated in the schematic and the printed circuit board
3- Run the Control Server V2.4.0 for Windows (Windows 10 x64)
4- Load PLENUtils.html and when I try to move the servos according to the index indicated in the PLENUtils, the servo does not respond. The indexes appear to be listed different than in PLENUtils, they seem to follow the old index definition for servos. That is, index from 1 to 18, and not 0 to 8 and 12 to 20 as in the new version of PLENUtils and firmware.
5- I change, in hardware, the arrangement of the servos to get moving them in the order stipulated in PLENUtils.html and managed to move the servos with the sliders.
6- I record the positions of HOME with the new arrangement, but when apply a reset to the board most of the servos start in positions different from those that were recorded in HOME. It is almost impossible to make PLEN stay up on their feet.
7- Spite of being able to move the servos with the application PLENUtils, when I try to execute a movement with motion-editor, or via command line trough serial, the movements are messy and not as expected. As an example, in the clap movement ($PM07) the servos from rigth arm do the same movement that the left arm, I mean, not mirrored. And as result, there are not claps.
8- When test the movements of each joint in motion-editor I could see that some joints have inverted angles. When I do a clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation in a particular joint, the joint's servo rotates in the opposite direction.

I hope you can help me.

Greetings from Patagonia Argentina.



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