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 =================================== ===================================
-Translate me.+## Basic Definitions 
 +Reference coordinates for servo motors is defined below. 
 +- A normal vector which extends from the side of adding a gear, is defined as a negative vector of y axis. 
 +- Rotation direction for a positive vector of y axis, is subject to the right-hand rule. 
 +An angle of a servo that is controllable by PWM, is defined below. 
 +- Range of movement is defined as differences between an angle when input min PWM and an angle when input max PWM. 
 +- The neutral angle of range of movement, is defined as 0 [deg]. 
 +## Specifications Each PLEN's Servos Have 
 +- **PLEN1.4**   
 +  Rotate clockwise by increasing PWM width. 
 +- **PLEN2**   
 +  Rotate counter clockwise by increasing PWM width.
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