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 Thank you for your cooperation ;) Thank you for your cooperation ;)
-(Please register our forum if you want to edit the wiki.)+(Please register our forum if you want to edit the wiki.) [[https://​​playground/​forum/​register.php|Register now!]] 
 +===== How to Find a Document You Need ===== 
 +==== Tutorials ==== 
 +This category has information for beginners such as assembling manuals, software instructions,​ and so on. 
 +==== Specifications ==== 
 +This category has information for developers such as printing guides, protocol definition, and so on. 
 +==== API Guides ==== 
 +This category has technical information that is focused on each application. 
 +==== FAQ ==== 
 +This category has frequently asked questions on the [[https://​​playground/​forum/​|official forum]]. 
 +==== Resources on the GitHub ==== 
 +The anchor links the [[https://​​plenprojectcompany|official GitHub account.]] 
 +(The GitHub account, **'​plenproject'​**,​ is not official. 
 +If you have been watching the account, please change your watching target.)
 ===== Prescribed Format ===== ===== Prescribed Format =====
-You could write documents using **Markdown syntax** with using tags surrounding ​Markdown ​syntax.+You could write documents using **Markdown syntax** with tags that are surrounding ​the syntax.
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 <​markdown>​ <​markdown>​
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