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if it is significantly more default hair

hair loss in the autumn, many reasons, many solutions
the hairs are something directly to the to be noticed. send short or wallende mane, everything is great, as long as the hairs are well cared for. but what if the head bald spots "? every day, we lose 100 to 150 hair, this is normal. and also increased the loss of hair in autumn can be justified: the natural wachstumszyklen a hair. " glueless full lace human hair

adult hair rest about 100 days before you will be very natural. for most women, this period begins most hair in women in july. 100 days later they fall off.

but if it is significantly more default hair or hair loss just won't stop, you should watch your daily routine. then, the cause can be caused by seasonal factors, or a disease.
weak roots: darkness calls vitamin d deficiency show http://www.wigshumanhair.co.uk


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