The micro:bit is an educational single-board chip made in England, which the PLEN:bit utilizes as its brain.
Beginner or advanced, regardless of ability, anyone can freely and easily program the sensors and LEDs in the micro:bit to create your robot’s motions and reactions.
*PLEN Project Company inc. is the official shop of PLEN:bit.

bCore Racer (RC Mini 4WD)

Uses remote control core unit "bCore" board. Mini 4WD and other car toy can be remodeled into radio controlled cars with direction and speed control!
Use the bCore racer application and connect to your racer via Bluetooth.
This product is only available in Japan.


PLEN2 is a robot kit consisting control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself.
You do not need any technical knowledge or special tools – all you need to build this robot is a screwdriver.
When you complete it, PLEN2 is about 20[cm] tall and weighs about 450[g] with 18 joints and that you can completely control.

PLEN2 mini

It is a compact PLEN2 with 8 motors (joints) using the same control board as PLEN2. It is also possible to add extra motora and remodel it into a full 18 joints PLEN2.
Similar to PLEN2, you can connect to the PLEN2 Mini control application with Bluetooth or a dedicated programming application.